(via Carnival Dominican Republic - Dive into the World!)

Currently in the Dominican Republic it’s Carnival season. Cities and towns all over the country celebrate every Sunday for the entire month of February with music, very elaborate (and not so elaborate) costumes, drinking, partying, eating and all that other stuff people in party mode do.

What is Carnival?

Simply put, it’s a celebration! People spend days, weeks, months and years making their costumes better and more elaborate to have a full party before Lent arrives. During lent Catholics aren’t supposed to eat meat, party and do a handful of other things, so history tells it that they would have celebrations before they give these things a break from their lives. One theory behind where the name comes from are the words “carne vale” which means “farewell to meat”. There are a few theories as to exactly where the tradition first started but that’s all semantics, fact is that it’s an awesome event that brings thousands of people together and produces creative outlets for many. If that didn’t feel your learning needs you can go a little more in depth on the history of Carnival.